Analysis: The Mexican Army Exception. From formal, post-revolutionary political dominance, to informal influence in politics.

The "Ejército Mexicano" (Mexican Army) was created on March 26th, 1913 with the “Plan de Guadalupe” (Gobierno de México 2021), as a consequence of the first social revolt of the twentieth century. For 75 years, no member of it has occupied the executive office of the country. "The existing literature on the army in Mexican politics has... Continue Reading →

War Studies: Naval Diplomacy… What Navies Do.

Naval diplomacy, the peaceful use of the possibility of force... "Naval diplomacy is about what navies actually do, rather than what they train for.” - Kevin Rowlands Naval diplomacy, a maritime, non-violent state’s activity that pursuits the national interest; an old practice, even observed by Thucydides’ when accounting of the power of the Athenian Fleet... Continue Reading →

Ted Talk: Is war between China and the US inevitable? by Graham Allison, 2018 (19 m)

Graham Allison is a prominent American political scientist. He is a professor at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. In 1971 he became internationally renowned after the success of his book Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis. Then, Remaking Foreign Policy: The Organizational Connection, co-written with Peter Szanton, was... Continue Reading →

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