Grande stratégie is a blog dedicated to all the relevant elements of the state’s interest. Aimed at all of those interested in following anything and everything that matters for the nation-state, from near or far, this blog offers weekly publications (analysis, reviews, etc.) on the subjects of security, war studies, institutions, comparative politics, international relations, economics, the environment, just to name a few.


Our world is anarchic, complex and turbulent, conditions that have been around for hundreds of years, at least since the agreement of Westphalia back in 1648; The keys to understand it are multiple. More than ever, it is important to make the acquaintance of the context in which the state evolves; To comprehend where political and security phenomena come from and go to, becomes essential to develop a thorough understanding of the concepts and tools specific to the strategy envisioned, created and implemented by the state. Only under these precepts, it is possible to analyze with precision what the most significant political institution of the last 400 years, the nation-state, is taking us to. This is what Grande stratégie invites you to become a part of. For those interested (or passionate, like me) in today’s world systems’s strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities, this blog can be a good point of reference.

Whether you are a student, government official, military personnel, scholar, security analyst or simply a political observer, Grande stratégie offers information that will address all facets of the state’s strategy (better understood as Grand Strategy). Looking for keys to better understand the big trends? National culture fascinates you? Security matters interest you? Choices for strategic development of a country, region, alliance make you perplexed? Questions such as “How does the state implement a grand strategy?”, “What would Kenneth Walts suggest in such-and-such a situation?, or “What are the next countries to watch out for in international trade?”, Grand strategy is a large umbrella that covers a lot of subjects, and under which everyone will find his interest present and hopefully, some answers too!

Read, share, comment, suggest! Grand strategy is not just a theoretical exercise; Grand strategy is lived daily by the women and men who animate our institutions and the organizations in which we live! I invite you to expand your horizons and share your knowledge and experiences on this space, created for us…

Othón A. León

I am a scholar, with wide international academic (and managerial) experience (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East). My interests range from Grand Strategy, International Relations, Comparative Politics, Security, and War Studies. After completing a third M.Sc. (“Stratégie”, at Université de Montréal – HEC Montréal), I decided to pursue a PhD Degree in Political Science / War Studies at Concordia University, where as I write, I am researching on the causes of war -on a regional basis- during the 19th and 20th centuries. I am the managing director at the Canadian Centre for Strategic Studies. Lecturing is another one of my passions, which I do at university and college levels.

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